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Osopil LTD

Amathountos 124 Agios Tychonas 4532


HHP Health Park and HHP Residences are a part of this unique mixed-use development, in a beautifully landscaped environment, was designed for the well-being, health, safety and quality of life of the people who will work, live, play and visit this wonderful Health Park.

This has evolved, with the addition of a University (School), students (local and foreigners) will add life, vibrancy, and style....

Osopil Ltd. Is part of Elhadi Holdings, the controlling entity, is a Cyprus registered company whose shareholders have accumulated decades of experience in the real estate sector with projects and properties in over 12 Countries, both residential and commercial. The founder of Elhadi Holdings begun his first residential project in Israel over 40 years ago.

HHP is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern communities, with a focus on providing a sustainable and vibrant environment.