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Twenty years ago, we opened the first BuySell office with a vision to give everyone the power to buy and sell properties without barriers

And a new real estate model was born

We dedicate 10% of our revenue and 10% of our employee time in designing the future. These two key decisions have fueled our incredible growth, made us the Cyprus leader in real estate, defined the era of human-centric tech-based estate agencies, and inspired a new real estate model for all to follow. Today, BuySell is powering innovation in property sales, customer service, technology, marketing, and more.

About BuySell At a Glance

There are 710,000 property buyers and sellers registered in our books, and the number is growing daily. We have sold 27,900 homes so far. Our estate agency services allow buyers and sellers to talk and meet with the best property experts in Cyprus. Apart from the team of human experts, we provide the best technologies and tools in real estate. Our clients say that offers the fastest, clearest and simplest way to find properties for sale than any other real estate website in the world. BuySell is the most recognisable real estate brand in Cyprus.

Properties sold by BuySell since 2001
18.6 Million
Visitors per year on
Registered clients

Finally, property buyers are not alone in the property market jungle

If you are buying a property, the BuySell property buying expert agents help you find the best property your money can buy. Our priority is to protect your interests first. We make sure that every property we list for sale is free from any legal problems and it is accurately priced based on its market value. Our experts will make sure that even if the market declines, any property you buy from us will not lose its replacement value. We guarantee that we can sell quickly any property you purchase through us, even in a slow market.

How to sell your home for more

If you are selling a property, no other team in Cyprus has more experience than BuySell. We have sold 27,900 homes in Cyprus so far, and we sell more every day. Our primary objective is to provide you with a quality buyer in as short a time as possible and naturally in doing so achieving the highest possible purchase price. We are confident in our ability of doing this. We have developed a 20-step secret sales formula; and we can sell any accurately priced property in 60 days, even in a slow market. We use in-house patented marketing tools to promote your property to our ever increasing database of 710,000 people. Our buyers\' database is fueled daily with hundreds of new applicants that come through our international marketing campaigns on the web, social media, radio, print, and associates network.

Our clients say, is the best real estate website in the world

Our clients say that offers the fastest, clearest and simplest way to find properties for sale than any other real estate website in the world. has the biggest number of visitors than any other property website in Cyprus. A survey contacted by the Cyprus Expats Association confirmed that the number of Cyprus property searches on is five times higher than all other Cyprus estate agents\' websites combined.

Property buyers say that searching property on is easier and feels nicer than any other website. Property sellers say that their homes for sale look better on than on any other internet site. Professionals say that has the complete set of resources for buying and selling properties. Buyers, sellers, agents and lawyers love using our transfer fees calculator. can be used anywhere by everybody because it’s easy to use and looks awesome on both desktop and mobile.

Share with us your passions and fears

We believe that our client satisfaction can be summarized in one word: "YOU." We understand who you are and what you need. There is nothing more important than you. You are an overseas buyer looking for a retirement home in the sun? You are a first-time buyer looking for a budget home to raise your family? You are a property investor looking for a safe investment to protect and grow your wealth? Do you want to sell your home for more? Share with us your passions and fears. BuySell is you.