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BuySell Achievements

In summary, some of the most notable achievements of BuySell include:

The largest real estate company in Cyprus

BuySell’s 18 owned offices generated over 10,000 transactions worth 1 billion euros in home sales in the first 5 years of its operation. BuySell employs approximately 200 staff and lists more than 25000 listings on its website.


A comprehensive real estate portal with over 25000 listings and more than 100,000 unique visitors every month.

BuySell Magazine

BuySell issues a monthly magazine which contains all the listings available for sale and rent covering 95% of the properties for sale in Cyprus. 40,000 copies of the magazine are distributed every month all over Cyprus through news stands, supermarkets, kiosks and the BuySell offices. Additionally 20,000 copies are mailed to subscribers abroad every month.


BuySell spends over 1.5 million euros per year in developing its own software and applications needed for all aspects of operations. All software and applications are web based.

Associates Programme

A vast network of associates including travel agents, estate agents, banks and financial institutions, from all over the world, who refer clients to BuySell in exchange for a fee.

BuySell Home Price Index

The only property index in Cyprus tracking the changes in prices at which residential homes are sold.


Why BuySell is Successful

BuySell has developed a world leading real estate system, proven for the last 5 years. Sales turnover has exceeded 1 billion euro, totaling 10,000 property transactions with just 18 offices!  Not just another real estate company entering the market with "me-too estate agency services"! 

BuySell’s system is proven that it can convert more leads to property listing and sales. Each incoming lead is entered into a specific workflow plan, based on the lead’s type (buyer or seller), with the help of our technology. Each workflow plan is scientifically developed to achieve maximum results and each lead passes through an incubation process. So we generate business from leads that other estate agents would just throw away. This process helps our employees to achieve outstanding results and a productivity which is four times higher than the industry average. At the same time, we keep our customer service levels at the highest standards.

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