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About the BuySell Associates Programme

BuySell is looking to accelerate its international expansion through the development of an Associates Network that will promote the company's services to the general public. The BuySell Associates Programme is a community of Individuals and Businesses (Travel Agents, Estate Agents, Hotels, Websites, Supermarkets, Newsagents, Shopping malls and others) that promote BuySell and earn commission while doing so. The BuySell Associates Programme is a great way to earn cash, introduce prospective buyers to the property breadth of BuySell, and join one of the world's largest property trading communities.

An Associate can be a company or an individual that has access to people profiled as "prospective property buyers" whom they refer to us and in return get paid commission. Each Associate is automatically given access to the Associates Central.

BuySell Associates Central is a webbased platform that enables Associates to submit and manage their referrals online as well as monitor their earnings. We aim to build the Associates Network on the grounds of trust and transparency.

We have invested considerable amounts of time and resources for developing web-based reporting tools to which Associates will have access on a 24/7 basis. Associates will be able to track the progress of each referral online or by calling our free Associate's hotline. Through these reporting tools Associates will be able to track the progress of a sale, their commissions and their payment history. Associates will have the option to choose from different commission schemes as well as how they would like to be paid.

BuySell has formed and operates a state-of-the-art associates Support Center that can be reached through a toll free number. The support center will be able to answer all questions and inquiries in a timely and prompt manner. Associates will be provided with sales literature and marketing support for the Programme. BuySell is running advertising and publicity campaigns in order to establish its brand as a household name and promote its services in the UK market. This extensive support activity will make it easier than ever for Associates to refer clients to BuySell.

From its inception in 2001, BuySell has been laying the technological infrastructure to facilitate the changes that will revolutionize the way people and business deal in real estate. Along with our international expansion and the establishment of our UK basis, we have also launched the BuySell Associates Program

BuySell's Commitment to Associates

BuySell will:

  1. Provide official BuySell Associate Certificates and Associate Member Cards.
  2. Train Associates on the web-based BuySell Associates Central in order to make them feel comfortable using it to manage their referrals and earnings.
  3. Provide a range of advertising and promotional material including:
    • Advertising brochures
    • Promotional display material (posters and stickers)
    • Monthly BuySell Magazine
    • Promote Associates within our own marketing activities
  4. Participate in marketing activities of Associates.

Associates' Commitment

The Associate's Commitment is to:

  1. Display the BuySell Associates Certificate
  2. Make available at least a staff member to be trained to become a BuySell specialist consultant
  3. Diaplay BuySell advertising and promotional material
  4. Actively canvass client interest in buying overseas property and recommend BuySell
  5. Arrange property viewing appointments through BuySell Associates Central
  6. Refer to BuySell clients interested in buying property in Cyprus
  7. Distribute the BuySell Associates Program gift vouchers to people traveling to Cyprus

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