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What does each property type mean?


Detached House

A stand alone dwelling, one storey in height or more, with none of its sides attached to any other buildings



A detached dwelling, one storey in height.


Link Detached House
A dwelling, one storey in height ore more, with one of its sides attached to another dwelling via a garage or staircase


Semi Detached House
A dwelling built next to another, side by side, separated by a common wall, which shares a common roof.


A townhouse starts at the ground level and shares at least two of its perimeter walls with other units. It is an attached home that is not a condominium and a dwelling that has two or more floors.


A complete and separate living unit in a building structure containing other independent units.


Top storey apartment.  A penthouse usually comes with a large veranda and usually has a larger than normal cover area.