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Master Franchise Opportunities

Master Franchise Cost


Master Franchise

At the moment we are looking for investors interested in Master Franchise licenses for countries around the world. Master Franchise licenses fees vary depending on the population of the country for which the Master License is sold.


Income for Master Franchisees

Income streams to the Master Franchisee (MF) will be derived from two principal sources:

  • The sale of franchises - The MF receives a share of the initial admission fee from the sale of each franchise in their territory
  • Ongoing royalties - The MF receives a share of ongoing royalties (Management Service Fee) from franchisees in their territory.

Master Franchise Fees

  • Master License Fee - The Master Franchisee will pay an initial fee called the Master License Fee. This is for the exclusive right to sell franchises within a pre-defined area, usually a country. The Fee is payable upon signing the Master Franchise Agreement.

Information about the cost for the Master License for any particular country can be obtained by filling and submitting the Master Franchise Application form by  clicking here .

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