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Master Franchise Opportunities

Support to the Franchisee 

BuySell gives to the Franchisees cutting edge technology, incuding the most comprehensive CRM system and a state of the art Website,
worth hundreds of thousands of Euros, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE

  • A dedicated team to assist the Franchisee with setting up a BuySell office (i.e. office layout preparation, project plans, etc)
  • Marketing assistance in budgeting, media selection, etc
  • Continuous Training in all aspects of the BuySell operating model
  • Full documentation, manuals and guides for all operations and systems
  • A dedicated Franchise Service Manager who the franchisee can refer to for all issues at any time
  • Access to the IT Department
  • Web based, internally developed and company owned software that was specifically designed for the BuySell model and the real estate industry. Manage your employees, clients, listings, sales, tasks and operations efficiently and from anywhere.
  • Software that enables franchisees to prepare a full color magazine containing all listings in the database.
  • A comprehensive, state of the art website generating more leads than you can handle from day one, free of charge.
  • Centralized international marketing
  • An extended referral network with commission sharing. Ability to refer customers and earn commission or receive referrals.

Special Franchise Bonuses

1.       Every BuySell franchise is automatically connected to the global BuySell IT network and it is automatically linked with every other franchisee and at the same time it is part of the world’s best real estate website. The franchisee does not have to built or maintain any website because this is provided by us at no cost!

2.       BuySell has developed a dynamic web based email and collaboration suite which is provided to the franchisees at no extra cost. The franchisees do not have to install any email, calendar and task management software on their PCs because the software will be provided by us.

3.       Our email system is fully loaded for FREE with hundreds of templates scientifically written for the UK market for communicating with property buyers, sellers, attorneys, etc.

Start generating leads and making Sales from Day 1
with the BuySell website and the BuySell international referrals network!


Start your own BuySell business anywhere in the world.  Click here to apply now for a Master Franchise or email us at franchise@buysellcyprus.com.