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Master Franchise Opportunities

What is a Franchise

Franchise is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with a particular operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.

It can be seen as working for yourself and running your own business. However you go to market with the benefits of a household name and a dedicated team supporting you with advice and guidance on how to operate effectively.

Franchising links business ownership with operation of an established system. Franchisees can therefore focus their efforts and make key decisions in relation to local markets.

There are clear advantages to this:

  1. You don't have to come up with a new idea - someone else has had it and tested it, too!
  2. Larger, well-established franchise operations will often have national advertising campaigns and a solid trading name.
  3. Good franchisors will offer comprehensive training programmes in sales and indeed all business skills.
  4. Good franchisors can also help secure funding for your investment as well as e.g. discounted bulk-buy supplies for outlets when you are in operation.

If aware that you are running a franchise, customers will also understand that you will be offering the best possible value for money and service - although you run your "own show," you are part of a much larger organisation

Pathway to wealth creation

Franchising isn’t just entrepreneurship; it offers a unique route to rapid, large scale wealth creation. Over 1,000,000 potential entrepreneurs investigate franchising every year.








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