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BuySell Marketing

 BuySell spends approximately 6 million euros every year marketing its products and services. The company actively advertises in many countries through multiple channels from print media and telemarketing to producing its own magazine and mass media campaigns.

BuySell’s multi-channel marketing generates thousands of leads per week.


A full-service real estate listing and information portal. Property listings with photos, descriptions, features, floor plans, site plans, virtual tours and more. More than 100,000 unique visitors every month. 

BuySell Magazine
The BuySell Magazine is a full listing publication with more than 20000 properties for sale on display. More than 30,000 copies are distributed every month through the BuySell offices, news stands, supermarkets and kiosks.

Newspaper Inserts
Multi-page property supplements distributed with the most popular English and Greek newspapers in both Cyprus and the UK.

Print Media
Extensive and continuous advertising in magazines, newspapers and other periodicals in Cyprus, the UK, Scandinavia, Russia and elsewhere.

Relating information to the public regarding company products and services through press releases, media events, press conferences and the like.

TV and Radio Campaigns
Regular TV and radio commercials on major channels in Cyprus and Europe.

Property Exhibitions
Face to face advertising at international property exhibitions and road shows.

Email and SMS Alerts
As soon as your property is listed with BuySell, it will automatically reach tens of thousands of prospective buyers and tenants in our databases that have inquired about similar properties to yours

Associates Programme
Thousands of individuals and international companies including financial services corporations and real estate organizations refer thousands of qualified enquiries from potential buyers to BuySell every week.

Contact Centre
A world class 50-seat contact centre that uses the latest communication technology to market your property around the clock to thousands of prospective buyers and tenants.

High profile advertising on highway and city billboards and trivision signs.

For Sale Signs
For Sale signs on your property provide additional exposure and create high quality inquiries.

Direct Marketing
Personalized advertising involving the delivery and distribution of advertising materials such as leaflets and the BuySell Magazine directly to consumers via mailing lists, door to door distribution and postcode distribution.


Publish your own property magazine

Have you ever gone through the process of designing and printing a simple brochure or even a business card? Sure you know the headaches of proof reading, design approvals, printing process. Imagine how complex it is to publish a 240 page monthly magazine with thousands of properties and complex information that change all the time! Yes, this is a problem that traditional estate agents face and that’s why only a limited number of big brands with huge marketing departments can issue monthly magazines. At BuySell, we can prepare a magazine in just a few minutes! We have created a patent pending software which prepares our magazine automatically and populates all the property information according to your layout preferences, with the language and currency that you select! With BuySell, you will publish your area magazine with all of the properties in your database in just a few hours with zero mistakes, minimum effort and without even requiring a marketing department! Increase your sales with a great marketing tool and differentiate yourself from the competition!


Start your own BuySell business anywhere in the world.  Click here to apply now for a Master Franchise or email us at franchise@buysellcyprus.com.


Photo: BuySell Magazine