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BuySell Technology

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BuySell Management System (BMS)

Unlike any other real estate company, BuySell develops all its technology in house in order to support its unique operating model. BuySell Management System is a comprehensive array of web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management and collaboration tools, which enable franchisees and their employees  to systematically record, store, and act upon business data. Through BMS franchisees can also manage customer accounts and property listings, track sales leads, evaluate marketing campaigns, and provide post-sales service. BMS also enables franchisees and their employees to generate reports and summaries of this data and share them with authorized individuals across functional areas. BMS is continually under development and a new release of features is deployed every two weeks. System benefits mainly focus on the following areas: Property Sales Automation, Property Listings Automation, Closings Automation, Associates Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Support Automation, Document Management, Activity Management.



BuySellCyprus.com is a full-service real estate listing and information portal. Users can have around the clock access to our up to date database of thousands of property listings with photos inside and outside the property, descriptions, features, floor plans, site plans and virtual tours. Users can also read news and articles and check BuySell's online library where they can find everything they need regarding buying property and / or moving to Cyprus. BuySellCyprus.com is the largest, most interactive and user friendly real estate website on the web with more than 100,000 unique visitors every month.


BuySell will provide Franchisees with the BMS

and the BuySell Website, at no extra charge!


Benefit from the Internet

BuySell understands the importance of the Internet and has invested 2 million euro to develop its website. Furthermore, BuySell invests an additional 1 million euro per year for upgrades and maintenance. The website has tons of tools for buyers and sellers, satellite images, email and SMS alerts. The website is multi-currency and multilingual giving you the opportunity to attract foreign investors as well. The website is scientifically designed to attract and retain every visitor. Online leads are captured automatically in the back office system for immediate processing. The website is fully optimized for the best search engine results and we run hundreds of active keyword campaigns on Google and Yahoo! guarantee its maximum exposure. No individual estate agent can afford to invest so heavily for such an online presence.


Hundreds of Leads will be automatically generated

for the franchisees via the BuySell Website from Day 1!

Research and Development

BuySell's research and development efforts are focused on improving and enhancing its existing systems, as well as developing new proprietary systems. BuySell invests heavily on research and development for the benefit of its franchisees. BuySell's research and development expenses are almost 1.5 million euros per year.



BuySell serves all of its Franchisees and users from a single, owned Web hosting facility. The facility is built to the same critical systems building codes as hospitals and other vital infrastructure. The facility is secured by around-the-clock guards, biometric access screening and escort-controlled access, and is supported by on-site backup generators in the event of a power failure. As part of BuySell's current disaster recovery arrangements, all of the company's data is currently replicated in near real-time in a separate back-up facility. This strategy is designed to both protect BuySell's customers’ and franchisees’ data and ensure service continuity in the event of a major disaster.


No software or data on local PCs

Unlike most franchises, BuySell franchised offices do not keep any software or applications on their local PCs. Everything is web based ensuring that the danger of hardware failure or local damage will not affect information crucial to the operation of the office.


Paperless office

BuySell provides all franchisees with proprietary and internally developed technology and web based applications creating an “automated” and “mobile” office.

BuySell technology makes paper redundant for routine tasks such as record-keeping and bookkeeping and information about customers, property, closings, etc can be virtually accessed from anywhere.


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