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Master Franchising Opportunities

The BuySell Advantage

 If you have a passion for real estate, huge ambition and a determination to deliver outstanding customer service, this is the professional franchise opportunity you have been hoping for.

The BuySell business model is revolutionary and innovative, definitely a far cry from the traditional and cumbersome models such as the American Broker/Agent system. The success of BuySell is based on:

1. Technology

Unlike any other real estate company, BuySell develops all its technology in house in order to support its unique operating model.

The BuySell Management System (BMS) is a comprehensive array of web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management and collaboration tools, which enable franchisees and their employees  to systematically record, store, and act upon business data. Through BMS franchisees can also manage customer accounts and property listings, track sales leads, evaluate marketing campaigns, and provide post-sales service. BMS also enables franchisees and their employees to generate reports and summaries of this data and share them with authorized individuals across functional areas. BMS is continually under development and a new release of features is deployed every two weeks. System benefits mainly focus on the following areas


Increase your Sales immediately
with a CRM system internally developed for the real estate industry!


BuySellCyprus.com is a full-service real estate listing and information portal. Users can have around the clock access to our up to date database of thousands of property listings with photos inside and outside the property, descriptions, features, floor plans, site plans and virtual tours. Users can also read news and articles and check BuySell's online library where they can find everything they need regarding buying property and / or moving to Cyprus.

BuySellCyprus.com is the largest, most interactive and user friendly real estate website on the web with more than 100,000 unique visitors every month.

Both the BMS and the Website will be customized for each country and will be provided to the Franchisee free of charge. The development, customization, updating and maintaining of both the BMS and the Website will be beared by BuySell.


BuySell will provide franchisees with the most comprehensive CRM system
and the most successful website in the real estate industry,
FREE of charge.


2. Marketing

BuySell spends approximately 6 million euros every year marketing its products and services. The company actively advertises in many countries through multiple channels from print media and telemarketing to producing its own magazine and mass media campaigns.

BuySell's high profile multichannel marketing reaches millions of potential customers each month generating hundreds of qualified leads each day.


3. Workflow

BuySell has developed a unique operating model which when combined with the company’s cutting edge technology and intense marketing results in 3 times higher productivity than the industry average.


Get access to 1000s of qualified leads from DAY 1,
through the vast and established international referrals network of  BuySell and a state of the art website.



Make £600,000 per year profit

Do you know someone who has set up their own estate agency business? And 5 years later they are still himself and his wife the only persons working in it? Many businesses face growing pains including problems with hiring and managing staff in multiple offices, maintaining control of the operations, information about customers and properties scattered in various folders which can be in the hands of previous employees or even lost forever. Not with BuySell which has an inbuilt management and growth model.

So if you want to make a £600,000 profit per year and work with less stress under a household name, we will provide you with the right business system, software and tools.

Start your own BuySell business anywhere in the world.  Click here to apply now for a Master Franchise or email us at franchise@buysellcyprus.com.


Photo: Live call center operators