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Your property search begins and ends with BuySellCyprus.com

112000 visitors per month... 200000 registered users... 20000 listed properties

BuySellCyprus.com is a full-service real estate listing and information portal. Users can have around the clock access to our up to date database of thousands of property listings with photos inside and outside the property, descriptions, features, floor plans, site plans and virtual tours. You can also read news and articles and check our online library where you can find everything you need regarding buying property and / or moving toCyprus .

BuySellCyprus.com is the largest, most interactive and user friendly real estate website on the web with more than 100,000 unique visitors every month.


What’s on offer at BuySellCyprus.com

At BuySellCyprus.com users can find more than 20 000 properties. These include houses and complexes for sale or rent, building plots and plots of land, offices, shops, and other business premises for sale or rent - located in all areas of Cyprus. Every week more than 600 new properties are listed, which means one new property is listed on BuySellCyprus.com every 4 minutes during working hours.


Users can search over twelve thousand houses and plots of land, according to specified regions and criteria. The user may select the region, price, area, type of property, year of construction, residential zone, etc. The user can also choose one or more regions by using the detailed electronic map or the list of regions (i.e. Aglantzia, Acropolis, Tseri, Protaras etc). In fact, BuySellCyprus.com features 432 local regions all over Cyprus. As examples of the choice available, a user searching for a two-bedroom apartment costing up to CYP80.000 in Strovolos would find more that 50 apartments on sale, while someone searching for a three-bedroom house in Pervolia, Larnaca, for up to CYP130.000 would find more than 80 houses.

Detailed information and multiplephotographs for every property

A detailed description is given for every property listed on BuySellCyprus.com. For houses: area of house, area of site, year of construction, price, location, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and dimensions of each room (kitchen, living room etc.). For building sites: building and cover index, building zone, available services (water, electricity, telephone), type of road to property, area and price. Architectural drawings and many exterior and interior photos are also provided for every property.

Email and SMS Alerts

Users can specify the criteria of the property/properties they are interested in and then register for email and SMS updates. They will then receive instant messages providing details of all newly listed properties which meet their criteria.

Side by side property comparisons

Users can view search results of more than one property side by side, in order to compare prices, area, indices and other characteristics.

Saving search criteria

Users can save their search criteria in order to use it again quickly and easily in the future. For example, if a user is looking for a two-bedroom apartment costing up to CYP75.000 in Acropolis, they can save the criteria and simply check back regularly to see new additions.

Saving a property

At BuySellcyprus.com, users can save properties they are interested in. This gives them immediate access to property details with just a click of the mouse. This enables the user to easily monitor any changes to specific property listings (such as price adjustments, etc).

Automatic updates on changes to saved properties

In addition to updates on new listings, users can receive email and SMS updates on changes to saved properties (such as price changes, sales, etc).

Finding similar properties

By choosing “Find Similar” tool on BuySellCyprus.com the user can find similar properties in the same or other regions. For example, if the user has found a three-bedroom house of 450 sq.m. in Protaras, by clicking on “Find Similar,” they can automatically search for similar houses with similar prices in the same or other regions.

See which other properties have been visited and inspected in person by other buyers.

For every property, the user can see online which other properties have been visited and inspected in person by other potential buyers. This information is updated in real time and helps users to find other properties similar to the one they are looking at.



Statistical data on listed properties

A user who has listed a property for sale or rent on BuySellCyprus.com can access, in real time, statistics such as: how many times the property has been searched for; how many users have viewed the details of the property; how many users have asked for further information on the property through email or telephone; and how many users have visited the property in person.

Detailed feedback reports with comments from potential buyers

Through BuySellCyprus.com, every property owner receives promptly a detailed feedback report with comments from all potential buyers visiting the property he or she has for sale or rent. This helps every owner/seller to identify any weaknesses with their property. So, for example, if all the potential buyers declare that the price is high, then the owner can review the selling price.

Online account

All sellers can check their account online, allowing them to see and print the details of their account and relevant invoices through BuySellCyprus.com. This is particularly useful for companies with a large number of transactions through BuySell.

Record for all property listings

Every seller has access to a record detailing all properties they have listed on BuySellCyprus.com. Full details (name, telephone, email) of their personal advisor (who provides help and advice on listings) are also given. This service is particularly useful for users with a large number of listings (i.e. land developers) who need to continuously monitor all the properties they have listed.