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What are the benefits of choosing BuySell Vs going directly to the developers?

BuySell brings buyers and sellers together in the most effective and efficient way enabling its customers to save time and money.

With 25000 properties listed for sale or rent, there is no longer a need for buyers to sort through hundreds of individual developers and thousands of private sellers to find the right property.

BuySell utilizes the latest technology and unique systems and tools to provide customers with up to date accurate information on thousands of property listings. BuySell’s information system can instantly produce a number of properties that match closest to a client’s requirements from a database of over 25000 properties currently available for sale.

With more than 700 developers and thousands of private sellers, it is impossible for anyone to locate and visit them all or know which developers are the best in the industry. BuySell has carefully filtered and selected the best developers on the island according to their professionalism, financial strength and ability to deliver properties on time. BuySell will also perform legal checks and due diligence for every developer we work with.

Furthermore, BuySell, with properties for sale in all of Cyprus, is able to offer independent advice to its clients.

With expert negotiators and the high volumes of transactions BuySell produces for developers, you can buy property at a lower price than if you went to a developer directly. BuySell will do the property negotiations on your behalf to ensure not only a better price but also better terms and conditions for your sale of contract.

BuySell, through its subsidiary ZAP Financial, can help with mortgages and currency exchange, finding solutions where even banks fail.

During the construction phase, BuySell can assist with any conflicts that may arise.

Finally, when it is time to sell your property, BuySell will dedicate its knowledge and expertise to help you achieve a fast sale and at the price you desire.